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11 Sep

GINO HOITING X PHILIPPE MODEL Worldwide Exclusive Launch


Philippe Model is teaming up with Dutch illustrator  Gino Hoiting to release a limited-edition sneaker during Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Milan. The launch will take place on September 14th inside Philippe Model’s flagship store in Via Sant’Andrea 17 – with an exclusive event starring Gino Hoiting, along with fashion influencers Giulia Valentina and Marco Cartasegna.


Maintaining its clean silhouette, the reinterpretation of the Gare model will get an unconventional update, featuring an all-over floral illustration pattern and a newly designed hummingbird, one of Philippe Model’s iconic elements. “My inspiration for these illustrations began with the iconic Tropical Birds. I started out drawing the hummingbird and the rest came by itself” says Gino Hoiting.


Born and raised in Utrecht, the artist is known worldwide for his in line drawing, with pen on paper, creating a clear and tangible image. “I started thinking that this hummingbird needed some flowers and an organic surrounding. Before I knew, the sneaker was filled with my illustrated lines”.

During the launch in Milan, he will make live drawings on Philippe Model’s window and create hand-painted sneakers for guests attending the event. “These black lines are very recognizable for my work and it’s so nice to see them on a different surface other than paper. I can’t wait to see how they look in action”.

Gino Hoiting BN

The GINO HOITING X PHILIPPE MODEL sneaker will be available exclusively online at philippemodel.com and in the Milan flagship store for both men and women. Price: 340 EU. Join Us!


Gino Bud Hoiting (1984) is a Dutch illustrator, born and raised in Utrecht. In 2009 he started his own studio focusing on both commercial and personal projects. The commercial work translates in illustrations for (online) magazines, newspapers, books, posters, flyers, banners and company brands. With his personal projects he makes drawings, animations and installations which he exhibits nationally and internationally. GBH has a recognizable style which is known for his analogue approach, also digitally processed. He draws in line, with pen on paper, creating a clear and tangible image.

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